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Caribbean Teakwood Bath Bombs


Only 10 pieces in stock!

Set of 3 Bath Bombs 

Allow our rejuvenating Caribbean Teakwood Bath Bombs to awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed! Made with 100% all natural ingredients, infused with essential oils. Not only will these be the best baths you've ever tried, there won't a mess to clean up afterwards. 

Our Soy Candles are a hand poured, hand blended luxury soy candles. They are handcrafted with 100% natural soy wax & premium quality essential oils which allow them to burn longer and cleaner than most other candles. Produced in small batches to ensure the best quality handmade soy candles. Our candles are named and scented for some of the favorite things in life; these are things that personally resonate with shoppers who enjoy the scenery, memories and everyday beauty of life and we promise they smell amazing.

For the first time of use, it is important to burn the candle for a minimum of one hour for the wax to fully melt across the width of candle. Soy candle has a memory and a full melt pool will ensure an even burn for future burns and will also release the maximum scent.

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